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Experience the Islands as they were first discovered

Our selection of sailing and power ships will fit your style.


Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a palace on the water, Regatta Travel Co. takes the hassle out of making the right choice. No more wasted time cross-comparing twelve different boats that leave you second-guessing which style will actually give you the experience you’re craving. With extensive knowledge of sailing catamarans, sexy powercats, and out-of-this-world yachts, we cut through the clutter to find the very best options that ensure your sea-faring getaway is perfectly suited to you. Give us a call today with your vacation needs

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Use the arrows to see just a few of our 1,000+ boats

No matter what your interest or style, we've got the perfect craft for you. Sail or power, our boats range from 42 feet to over 170 feet!

Epic Yachts

Our yachts cruise the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, with future voyages in Asia and the Indian Ocean. Spanning from 110 to 170 feet, we have a ship to match your lifestyle and budget. 

Traditional Monohaul

Beautiful sailing ships large enough for six passengers to explore and sleep comfortably. Take the helm and learn how to read the winds while your partner relaxes in the afternoon sun. 

Expansive Catamarans

Sail the seas with lots of elbow room. The catamaran is nearly as wide as it is long. The cabins and bathrooms are large and the higher sail allows access to the full ship, even at sail! Help raise the main sail and take the helm. You're in for one of the most relaxing experiences of your life. 

A Power Cat!

If you want the extra space of a catamaran, but cruise as fast as a mega yacht, then try a power cat. The power cat is even larger than a sail cat. Some even have hot tubs! You'll reach your destination faster, with more time to play. 

We like big boats and we cannot lie...

For a once in a lifetime adventure, or celebrating a major milestone in life, a trip in a mega yacht will allow you to touch any island in the sea. Sleeping up to 12 passengers, it's large enough to bring family and friends - and split the cost!

Quiet for two. Party for eight.

Our yachts are spacious and very well appointed. They are perfect for the couple who wants to escape the world in a discrete and private environment. Discover coves far from the crowd. Or gather up your friends for the most exciting party trip you've ever imagined, with endless beach bars to experience.

It's all about tranquility.

Relax in places most people only dream about. The water and air are always warm. Our boats are large and spacious with lots of room to relax, including the "trampoline" at the front of the catamarans. 

Start the next chapter of your life.

Sailing and yachting are a relaxing way to see the world, while providing the perfect environment to kindle romance and even envision your shared future of adventures together. Go wherever you want. You're in charge.