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Our team specializes in curating unforgettable luxury vacations on villas, and private islands in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

The Captain

About 20 years ago, I discovered something remarkable in the tropics! I finally found the privacy, the adventure, and the romance I’ve always wanted on my vacations, but couldn’t get in the large resorts and cruise ships, and (because I’m quite spoiled) the luxury I couldn’t get in a condo.

Over the years, I started to vacation at beach resorts. Places like Cancun, Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta, and such. Even took a couple cruises down the Caribbean islands. I loved them all, with the exception of spending my vacation with 3,000-5,000 strangers (and the pervasive risk of standing in line at the restaurants and fighting over beach chairs). The accommodations offered adventure, but no privacy whatsoever

I discovered an option called a “villa”. I know it’s not a quaint term but it’s distinctive in the tropics. It was our answer to the resorts. They have two to six bedrooms, so we could bring some friends without it feeling crowded. The villas were absolutely gorgeous; indescribable. Each had indoor/outdoor living and a large infinity pool, just like you see on our site, it reflected the sea all the way to the horizon.

Gratefully, the villa provided the vacation that I wanted: the privacy, the adventure, the romance, the wonderful food, I always return home feeling completely relaxed. I can’t say that was always the truth when I returned from a cruise or resort.

So, we dedicated this company to provide those amazing experience to you. The next time you and your partner or your friends are looking for the vacation of a lifetime, this man recommends leaving a few thousand neighbors behind. Call us or use the search to see some of the amazing options available.